Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deer Season-So Far

Opening day was hot and bright, I started walking to my chosen stand at 5am. I arrived at the spot at 5:45, never turned on the light; the whole way in over two ridges and a dense laurel thicket.  I kept waiting for the crowd to close in on me, but it never happened.  I was the only one on the ridge.

Several deer passed by me in the darkness, as I waited for daylight to arrive.  I heard the first shot of the season at 6:15.  I believe that he was a little early, since shooting hours started at about 6:40.  At 7:05, a doe and 2 fawns ran up the ridge to me and stopped at about thirty yards on my left.  Then 2 does came from the same area, their tails were tucked between their legs and they were looking back over their shoulders.  They stopped about twenty-five yards straight in front of me.  I cocked the hammer of my T/C Encore, knowing that a buck was chasing the does.  Nothing happened, the 2 does were nervous and constantly looking back.  The buck must have chased another doe in the other direction.  That was all of the excitement for a long time.  Very little shooting was heard in the distance, at 9:30 I turned on my phone; hoping to get called to work.  At  10:05 a deer appears on my left at about fifty yards, a small deer, I didn't pay much attention to it as he fed on acorns.  He turned and started feeding downhill and I could see that it had 4 inch spikes.  I put the scope on him twice and decided not to shoot.  Nothing else happened until 12:10 when I got called to work.

Tuesday morning was still bright and I got to the oak flat stand at 5:45.  At 6:10 a big deer came through and was following along a trail with quite a few big rubs.  He never even slowed to feed, just that steady gait as he headed for his daytime laurel thicket.  At 6:20, several deer came on the flat and fed on the acorns, I believe there were 8-10 deer present; come on daylight! They feed  toward the thicket and one deer lags behind.  Light comes, one deer is left and is straight ahead at about twenty yards.  Straining to see what it is, while it is getting lighter and lighter, its the same little spike from the day before.  I let him go.  Two days in a row.  This really goes against my rule of national forest hunting, but we'll see how it works out as the season progresses.

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