Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty Years Ago

I have read several mast reports and hunting predictions about the upcoming deer firearms season.  They all come down to one thing:  Food.  Most point toward white oak acorns, as the plentiful food source for 2010.  This is great if you live somewhere in WV that still has some white oaks; standing.

I used to have one of the nicest stands of white oak in the country; just up the road.  That was thirty years ago.  It was an area which was always full of game.  Now it is a clear-cut wasteland, not fit for anything.  It will be that way till after I am dead.
It used to be nice to go out around home and be able to hunt.  The most memorable Thanksgiving Day to me was one which the meat on the table; all came from the hill that could be seen from the picture window.  There was venison, oven baked squirrel and wild turkey.  The picture window view is now an impenetrable blackberry wasteland.

The view to the north , is of the newest wind farm project.  Really attractive.  So, the next time you journey to your favorite woodlands; you should be grateful that they are still there.  If you are not careful, your cherished places could become another wasteland; just like NW Randolph County.  Always remember that what once was; can become a used to be, very quickly.

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