Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm starting to think about the upcoming deer firearms season now.  I believe that I will go out tomorrow and make sure my muzzleloader and Encore are hitting where they are supposed to.   I had some scope issues last year and had to put a new Burris 3x9 on my 7mm-08 T/C Encore, at the last minute.  I should be all right, this year.

I was smart in 2010, I bought my ammo, powder,primers and bullets in August.  That gives me one less thing to worry about; with 2 weeks left before opening day.  I have to find a new hunting area for the 2010 season.  My normal area relies on beech production and very little is present.  From what I have seen, the deer didn't do very well last winter in that particular area.  I was over there last week, for several hours and saw a grand total of 2 deer and little sign of anymore.  I get a bad feeling when I walk through the woods and no birds or chipmunks are present.

I'm looking at an area which has really good oak mast this year.  I've never deer hunted in the area before, but it looks promising.  I intend to spend some time in the area, during the next 2 weeks.  Hopefully it will be time well spent.  This may be the first year that I have hunted primarily in Randolph County; since the early eighties.

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