Friday, November 12, 2010

T/C Encore-Sighted In

I disassembled my T/C Encore, tightened and checked everything out.  These are the first 4 shots, after reassembly. This is the actual target at 100 yards and this was shot off of the truck hood. Nothing fancy.

I am quite pleased with this accuracy from a light-weight hunting rifle. This is a 7mm-08 Remington standard contour factory barrel and the gun wears a Burris 3x9 scope.

I have found that this particular barrel tends to open up its' groups after 3 shots.  For my intended use, one shot is all that is needed.  The ammo used was Federal Fusion 140 grain and Federal Premium 140 grain Barnes TSX.  They shoot the same in this gun.  One thing of note for T/C Encores is to make sure that the stock screw and forearm screws are tight.  You can spend allot of money for a good deer hunting rifle.  Ammo prices are outrageous, but the quality of available options has improved significantly in recent years.  Nowadays, I spend most of my money on fuel.  One shot is all that I need.

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