Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sack of Shaggys

Shaggy Mane
I hit the jackpot today o some Shaggy Manes! Things didn't start out well on my search today. (10/8/14) But, I didn't give up. I was driving up a very narrow and crooked mountain road and had someone riding my bumper. I was getting really irritated and pulled off in a wide-spot on top of the mountain. I figured I'd let the dogs out and let the idiot get wherever he was in a hurry to get to.

I looked down the hill and couldn't believe my luck. Right there on the edge of a log road was the biggest patch of Shaggy Manes that I have ever seen. Most of the patches I find consist of about 12 - 20 mushrooms.This patch probably had two hundred. Several were way past prime and were only stalks. Some were turning to ink, But I actually picked 70-80 perfect little ones that were barely visible in the grass. Yep, never quit and always keep on looking. You never know when you will find something good.

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