Friday, October 3, 2014


WV Brook Trout
Its tough out there in the real world and getting tougher everyday. Nobody will deny that this is a hard place to make a living. Living is a lot different than existing.

Before I go any farther; all of these photos were taken on October 2, 2014 in the upper-Roaring Creek watershed on the Rich Mountain Battlefield property in Randolph County, WV.

The first photo is one of two brook trout present at the culvert in photo number 2. I could see 2 brook trout, about 6 creek chubs and a few black-nosed dace present. This is the smallest of the 2 trout.
Photo 2
I know that this culvert isn't much of an obstacle and it is more so due to the drought that we are in. The rains we are going to get on Friday should make it passable for the spawning trout. but, still it is an obstacle. It does, however produce some current and mixing of oxygen in the water. The fish were all nosed up to it, before I spooked them.
The next photo, #3 is another culvert farther upstream. There were 2 small trout present there, also. They were probably 5 inches long and darted underneath the mini-waterfall.

Photo #3
If these fish could ever get upstream through this culvert, well they wouldn't have much to look forward to, as shown in Photo #4.
Photo #4
Who was it that once said that life is hard; harder if you're stupid? Yep, the poor little brook trout has a tough existence and it is made tougher by idiots. Think About It.

The trout in this watershed really do have a hard time existing, but exist they do. Many of the headwater tributaries are isolated due to acid-mine drainage. Somehow, the trout continue to survive. They don't flourish but they do manage to hold on; about like the rest of us around here.

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