Thursday, October 2, 2014

Where Do They Go ?

Green Frog
I have a small water garden/goldfish pond in my side-yard. This little patch of space always has something going on of interest. It provides the cleanest water around for many species and is a food source for mink in the dead of winter. I always have resident Green Frogs and breeding American Toads.

Semi-resident should be the key word when describing the Green Frogs. This pond has been there since 1987 and every year the frogs are gone by mid-June. They always return in late-September and winter in the pond. They started showing back up around September 24th  or there about. I had been looking for them everyday for the previous couple of weeks. I am just curious as to where they choose to spend their summer vacation. There are no ditches or any other water within what I would think to be frog travelling distance. Does anyone know where they go??

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