Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missed Opportunities

We never really know what opportunity may arise; when we are in the real world.  This morning was bright and extra windy.  I was outside, changing oil in my truck and happened to notice several Purple Finches.  The numbers soon swelled to eighteen or more; so I went inside for the camera.  The finches didn't cooperate very well and the wind didn't help matters.  At one point, I had 8 males Purple Finches in the viewfinder at the same time.  The bad thing about this is that they were about twenty-feet high; in the top of a violently swaying beech tree.  I ended up taking about twenty photos of the finches; hoping for that one good shot.  It never happened and all of the finch photos have all ready been deleted.  But; as things happen in the real world, this chickadee lit beside me hoping for some relief from the relentless wind.  A White-breasted Nuthatch did the same thing a few minutes later.  I had several chickadee images in my collection, none are better than this chance encounter.  This photo is unaltered, nothing was changed; except for cropping out the background.

Posted by High Virginia Outdoors   Photography by High Virginia Images

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