Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mountain Trout This Week: 4/18/11-4/24/11

Shavers Fork
The good news was that the area waters were finally down and in good shape on Wednesday and Thursday. The bad news is that the didn't stay that way  I rode over to Bowden this morning and it sure doesn't look like the photo right now; it is high and colored.  There were very few fishermen present and that is nearly unheard of on a warm April weekend day.  The only fisherman that had any success was an Osprey at the hatchery.  I was watching it as another cloudburst let go.  I am sure that most other streams are as bad or worse than Shavers Fork at this time.  More storms are on the way for tonight and tomorrow.  Turkey season opens on Monday; therefore we all-ready know that it will rain most of next week too.  Good luck to those trying to find a decent spot to fish over the next few days.  I am just hoping to now get a chance to go a couple of times; before everything dries up.

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