Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're Back

The morels; which come up in my yard every year, emerged on April 12.  My first asparagus shoots popped up, later in the afternoon of the same day.  A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was reported in the Charleston area today.  Everything is right on schedule.  It will officially be Spring for me; when my first hummingbird arrives.  I already have a nest with 3 new doves.
I plan on getting my ramps on Friday or Saturday; after the ground dries out some.  It doesn't get much better than welcoming in springtime with fresh ramps, morels and asparagus.  You tend to smell pretty bad; but it is worth it.
The bluebirds are building their nest in one of my nesting boxes and the tree swallows are carrying goose feathers into the other one.  I haven't seen; or heard the house wrens or catbirds yet.  But they will arrive any day now. Hopefully; this is good bye to another West Virginia Winter !!

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