Monday, April 11, 2011

Peace Treaty

I believe that an agreement was reached this morning; between the feuding tree swallows and bluebirds, of my yard.  The tree swallows took over the nesting box that the bluebirds had chosen and the bluebirds moved to the nest box in the upper end of my garden.

I think it was a good compromise, because the tree swallow seemed as if it may be one which was raised in the same box last year. On the day that the swallows left; last June, there were 2 adults and 3 young.  When the tree swallows came back in March; there were 5.

The annual bird wars normally last; until a house wren moves in and takes over during the feud.  The bluebirds are usually the one that gets left out and moves on.
Perky Pet 50301 Wren Home Cedar Birdhouse

Posted by High Virginia Outdoors          Photography by High Virginia Images

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