Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Big Dog Is Gone

Twelve-year old Tommy passed on this week.  He was the gentle giant; if there ever was one. Kind, caring and gentle.  He looked forward to visits by the neighbors dogs; after they overcame their fear.  In his prime he weighed 122 pounds, as arthritis took its' toll he began to wither away.  The last year was rough, he couldn't go on his beloved walk, couldn't make the hills anymore.  Cancer took him away.

When I moved back here, I had my turkey dog: Bonnie Blue.  For about 5 years Tommy would never let me touch him.  If I tried to pet him, he would just walk away.  The day after Bonnie died, he came up to me and wanted to be petted. Dogs Know.. Goodbye Tommy.  You will take up residence on the mantle; soon.

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