Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Glimmer Of Hope

There may still be a glimmer of hope; left for those real turkey hunters who once enjoyed the winter turkey season.  Yeah, that pleasurable time from long ago that many looked forward to; that was abruptly taken away from us by those of the WVDNR.  Why this was done; I haven't a clue.  I guess nobody was generating any revenue from the season.  Maybe because it was a season of walking in the snow covered wonderland.  I don't know.  I do know that the "hunters" of today are afraid or unable to walk anywhere.  I remember no opposition to the elimination of the winter season.

I learned about turkeys by hunting in the snow.  The winter turkey season was once my favorite time and no matter where I was living, you could bet that I would return to the WV mountains for a week of Decembers' finest and coldest turkey hunting.  I never, ever in my lifetime came to WV to deer hunt.  The winter turkey season had the perfect excuse built right in; always near Christmas.  It was always a great time to show others the wonders of the winter highlands.  Many would leave the state impressed.  But alas, it was taken away.  I just saw that the WVDNR is proposing a turkey season for the first week of January.  I sure hope that it passes and I can't wait to once again go turkey hunting; the way that it was meant to be.  Now, I am only hoping that the beech crop will be noticeable in the highlands once more.  Maybe, just maybe some new people will get some gumption and possibly go out and learn something about turkeys.

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