Friday, March 18, 2011

Mountain Trout This Week: 3/14/11-3/20/11

It looks like this will be the best weekend of the year for the trout anglers of High Virginia.  Water levels are returning to normal conditions and there isn't any major rainfall in the forecast.  We should also have tolerable temperature in the near future.  Overall, it is looking good.  The smaller streams all seem to be in good condition.  Shavers Fork at Bowden is still fairly high.  I believe that the best bets will be Anthony Creek, Knapps Creek or the upper reaches of the Greenbrier River system.  If you're lucky, you should be able to get some trout and ramps for a weekend meal.

I caught these trout in Glady Fork this morning.  I forgot to check the water temperature and I did not see any insect activity.  The rivers should be full of trout from the high water stockings.  It is now time to get out, walk a little and catch some trout.

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