Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mountain Trout This Week: 3/7/11-3/13/11

Rain, rain, rain and then some snow.  It seems that we have a pattern established.  Unless you are one who is satisfied with soaking some play dough in a fish pond; there isn't much to look forward to.  High and muddy is about all that can be said.  The fish truck was finally able to get into the West Fork of the Greenbrier this week. The trout trucks in both WV and VA were out in full force once again.  If we are ever able to get out and fish; there should be plenty of fish available and they will be spread out.  I am starting to believe that we may be in a race for time to get out; before the rivers dry up.
  I was able to make about a dozen casts into Dry Fork on Monday.  There were some very small black stone flies crawling around on the rocks the adults were size 18 or smaller.  At least there is some life down there in the underwater world.  I made about the same number of attempts in the Blackwater River on Tuesday.  I did see one sculpin  swimming around there.  There isn't much else to comment on; until this stupid weather pattern breaks.  It isn't any better over in Virginia, but at least they probably will not get the snow that the mountains will be receiving over the next couple of days.

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