Friday, March 18, 2011

A Celebration of Spring

Spring used to be my favorite time of the year, but I haven't had time to enjoy it; recently.  I heard the first Spring Peepers of the year yesterday evening.  I thought that I may get up early this morning and go fishing.  I got up early, but the wind was roaring at about 25 mph.  At 8 0'clock, I decided to ride over to Evenwood and get some skunk cabbage photos.  I looked on Wednesday and they were just emerging.

I rode up Shavers Fork at Bowden, the river is still too high for my tastes.  The fish truck was pulling out, along with its faithful followers on its way to Gandy.  It picked up more of the entourage at the top of Shavers Mountain.  There were 8 vehicles at Evenwood and all but two joined in the merry chase.  The anglers who stayed were fishing at the bridge, soaking dough.  Joey and I went downstream about 300 yards and I caught my limit on about twenty casts.  It took all of thirty minutes.  Then it was on to the skunk cabbage.

 It turned out to be a quite pleasurable morning.  this was the first limit of trout that I have caught in about 5 years.  This was also the first Spring morning that I have been able to enjoy for about 5 years, without the worry of being in phone range.  I became unexpectedly unemployed yesterday and for the time being, I intend to enjoy a few Spring days.  Having been on call for 365 days during the last 5 years, I think that I deserve a couple of nice days.  Enjoy Spring Once More !!!

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